Keys To A Healthy Beard

Good day men and welcome to Beard Grower.

This is the formula to GROW & MAINTAIN your beard.

Growing a beard will not happen overnight, you MUST be PATIENT and CONSISTENT daily to achieve best results. Some men have the genetics to grow a beard and others don't. Most ethics races have the ability to grow facial hair, but there's a high percentage of Asian natives that cannot generate facial hair, especially a full formed beard. Here's what my "SPECIAL 5 BLEND Bread Oil" can do. When using regularly, my SB-Beard Oil may increase rapid growth due to our prime ingredients in our SPECIAL BLEND, two vital ingredients are our "Jojoba & Argan Oils" which are highly effective in promoting faster growth of vellus hairs into terminal hairs for a permanent fuller and thicker beard. Then a 3rd critical ingredient of Sandlewood oil is incorporated for it's deep skin moisturing properties. The 4th is Peppermint oil, it's used for it's deep antibacterial properties it posses and it's sweet aroma and the concluding 5th oil of the oil group is Sweet Almond Oil thats known for its skin rejuvenation agents with a sweet springy smell.

All 5 miracle oils are essentiall for growing and maintaining the healthiest beard known. (Oil ratio: Jojoba oil 32%, Argan oil 29%, Sandlewood Oil 21%, Sweet Almond Oil 12% Peppermint Oil 6%)

Prime Factors needed for starter to full beard.

1- Month supply of SB5-BEARD OIL. For best results use twice a day for beard moisturization and skin absorbtion to stimulate new follicle development

Okay first of all, you know you want to grow your beard the right way, true, you can be the most healthiest person, take all your vitamins, exercise, and everything else but you still can't grow that beard, I'm here to help with my 5 Oil SPECIAL BLEND Beard Oil. I can assist your beard growth naturally.

What I offer with my natural beard oils is a product that naturally gives effective growth results over chemicals and it's a cheaper & safer way. It's the easy way to grow a beard. First of all, throughly clean your face with astringents and mild soaps, then while beard is slightly damp then apply a small amount of beard oil. Then repeat mid day (if able) and evening for a 2-3 time usage daily. The PRIMARY purpose of my SB-beard oil is to keep the face moisturized with mineral enriched nutrients that will assist with facial hair growth development!

I recommend (BEST DEAL) the 3-Month supply package, because YOU'LL WANT MORE AND MORE AND MORE OF A VIKING BEARD.