Tuesday, January 21, 2020

Tuesday, January 14, 2020

Beard Oil Guarantee

Soldierbeard Oil guaranteed, proven thorough results after 3 months. After using my Beard Oil after 3 months you'll be highly satisfied with your progress. Users will experience a forming beard in the areas of applied to regularly. After a trim shave the results will most definitely be noticed, and you'll be an "OFFICIAL BEARDMEN"!

Sunday, January 12, 2020

Beard Growth Timeline

The benefits of utilizing my beard oil  consistently over a 4-5+ month span.

The 1st Month:

After using my natural Beard Oil consistently during the first month, most users (with patchy beards) will have a thorough beginning of the filling-in-stage within 2 weeks then entering the 1 month periods).

For individuals with (little or no beard) vellus hairs will begin to grow within the first 2 weeks in certain areas (all follicles aren't activated suddenly) so give it some time and after 1 month of using my Beard Oil you'll start noticing what a beginning of a beard that'll form (of course there will be stubborn follicles that won't spark just yet so be patient).

The 2nd Month:

What users will experience during the 1st-2nd month stage will continue with the filling-in-stage for (full beard users) while some vellus hairs will began to mature into permeant terminal hairs.

(Recommend don't cut your stubble or beginning beard, if you can hold off without cutting what you've achieved, it's always best. Some people recommend shaving it off after a certain time to increase the regrowth stage, but watching your beard grow with continuing growth only excels the the sole purpose of gaining a beginning to moderate beard. As it grows you you'll appreciate by not shaving it then going through the agony of I wished I didn't shave it and where it could be.

The 3rd Month:

During the 2nd-3rd month most users will experience more terminal hair development (but still in a 75% ratio). Some follicles have their own mind with developing.

By eating healthy with exercising and by staying consistent, majority of vellus hairs will began their permanent hair transformation within the next few months.

The 4 + Months:

By the time you begin your 4th month most hairs will have reached a peak of growth maturity in terminal hairs. By using SoldierBeard Oil regularly for continued growth and as a  moisturizer your beard will continue to be it's healthiest by keeping the hair follicles root it's healthiest!

That's my 4-5 Month plan in obtaining THE PERFECT SOLDIERBEARD!

Tuesday, January 7, 2020

Need help with patch beard

Need help fixing a patchy beard, here to help in as little as two weeks with guaranteed results!

Wednesday, January 1, 2020

New Years Pledge

What a great start to the NEW YEAR, now's it's time to start growing your beard! Make the pledge to a new you!